john cena vs the miz 'i quit'

John Cena and the Miz close out the night with their "I Quit" match for the WWE Championship. After the bell rings, The Miz grabs the ref's mic and reminds Cena that there are no disqualifications, so there's nothing stopping Alex Riley from making this a handicap match. Cena fights them both gamely, but it only takes a few moments for Cena to fall prey to the double team. Did Booker T just say that Cena has been a champion despite limited skills and ability? Yes, he did. The Miz goes for an early Skull-Crushing Finale, but Cena counters with an AA -- but Riley waylays him with the ever-present steel suitcase. The Miz and Riley proceed with a series of double-team moves: suplex, running Cena into the exposed metal of the outside barrier, then back-and-forth with monitors to the gut and head.
Cena finds a little life with a clothesline on Riley, but The Miz sends him smashing into the steel steps, followed by a DDT on those same steps. Through all this, Cena refuses to quit. Riley then hoists the steps and brings them down on Cena's side. Riley holds the champ with his torso exposed for Miz to strike with a kendo stick, but Cena still doesn't give up -- even telling his challenger that he hits like a girl. The Miz and Riley drag Cena up the ramp, where The Miz knocks him off the platform with a kick to the face before Riley drapes Cena over the camera crane. The Miz offers Cena another chance to quit, but again Cena insults him and suffers a leather-belt whipping.
Where do you go from there? The Miz tries a Skull-Crushing Finale against a chair wedged into the ropes. When that doesn't work, the WWE goes green by recycling a previously used idea: The Miz uses a soundbite of Cena saying "I Quit" to make a fake announcement, just as The Rock beat Mankind many years ago. This time, though, the ref sees through the plot and re-starts the match. Cena takes out Riley with an AA onto the announcer's table and then, showing absolutely no ill-effects from his legendary beating, whips The Miz with a leather belt and gets him to quit in the STF in mere seconds to retain the WWE Championship.

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